What’s so Wonderful About a Cookie?

You made it to this site, so you’re wondering about this “wonder cookie.”

First of all, it’s all natural, which is pretty amazing these days.  It’s a great little treat that doesn’t send your body on a one-way roller coaster to Crashville.   But wait– there’s more.  Much more.

Pre-Workout Ritual

Let’s be honest.  Many people, especially me, are in the habit of guilt gym-ing. You know, when you eat a bunch of stuff you’re not supposed to (a box of cookies), then run to the gym hoping to work off the at least the guilt.  I’ve found, with these wonderful cookies, that I can leave the guilt out of it.  Now I eat a couple of cookies before I go, because they help my endurance.  The chia in these cookies creates a mucilagen barrier between the carbs and stomach enzymes, slowing the conversion of carbs into sugars.

Natural Source of Omega-3’s

I know.  I know.  You’re thinking, “But you said the cookies were all natural! How are cookies naturally a source of Omega-3’s?!” Well it’s a true story.  Unlike the artificially enriched products commonly found littering supermarket shelves, the Omega-3’s in these cookies are from natural plant sources .  Not a bit of factory fabrication in ’em.

Balance Blood Sugar

Counter-intuitive is probably the nicest word that comes to mind.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating eating nothing but cookies to a diabetic.   But, because of the gelling action of the chia seed, combined with its unique dose of soluble and insoluble fibers, the chia in these cookies helps slow the conversion of starches into sugars, turning your meal into a stream of constant, steady energy, instead of a power surge.


There’s certainly more to be said about the great benefits of chia, but don’t take my word for it.  Check out all the great things that are being said about chia, then click over to Life’s Healthy Pleasures to find out more about their great chia products.


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